Who I Am

Hi, I'm David. I'm a freelance website and app developer based in Fort Myers, Fl. In 2012 I started freelancing full-time, working with a wide range of companies across the globe. My main focus is on creating beautiful, yet effective websites that bring in phone calls.

What I Do

Design, Development, and Online Marketing

My background in web development started with WordPress back in 2008, when I created my first professional website. It has been my goal to constantly improve and stay on top of the latest trends in technology, whether it's a new API, coding language, or even a new platform to build on.

Working on a full redesign is the ideal project for me besides coding a cool new idea for an app.. but it's rare I come across someone with a good idea. If you have one and want to partner with a Java/Android developer - contact me.

After doing this for so long, my network of partners has grown tremendously, and I work with a wide variety of talented back-end developers, photographers, branding specialist and copywriters. This allows me to take on any project and provide you with the biggest bang for your buck.

Having a website isn't everything. This is why I like to create a custom digital marketing plan to meet your company's needs. Content marketing and having a solid social media presence can make a huge difference on the amount of calls your website brings in.

My Process

Learning Phase: This is where I learn more about your business and needs. Before I start designing or coding anything I like to have a solid understand of what I am building and what its purpose is. Maybe you just need a landing page to promote your new ebook, or maybe you want to build a niche social network site and have specific requirements I should know about. Whatever the case, I will ask a lot of questions during this stage.

Design Phase: When designing your website or mobile application, I will constantly share screenshots and mockups with you to get feedback. It's very easy for me to make revisions at this stage so I will gladly make any changes you want to see. Once you're happy with the design we can move on to the next step...

The Coding Phase: Now I will bring the design to life and code your website. Once it's done I will upload it to a demo server and share it with you for feedback. If you have any last requests I will take care of them and then upload your site to the live server.

What I Charge

Every project is different, but I know the best solution for any budget so contact me if you want a quote.

If you want me to help grow your online presence then I typically charge by the month, as online marketing and SEO are on-going operations. Each business or website requires a different strategy, I will come up with the best plan to grow your business and help you reach your goals.

Get in Touch

Have a question? Learn more or contact me if you would like an estimate.